Catering Services

But going above and beyond doesn’t stop there. Mesquite’s top-notch, spectacular catering service is unmatched in the industry. Led by some of the top chefs in the state, Mesquite delivered more than 30,000 meals to the oil field with its catering division in 2012.

In addition to offering your employees the ability to stay on the property for all of their dining needs, our chefs have more than 45 years of experience working in restaurants. That means your employees get high-quality and tasty meals, and everyone leaves satisfied, no matter their appetite.

Mesquite’s full-service catering capability can handle any workload and its Drop-N-Go meals bring appetizing food directly to the work site. Each of Mesquite’s employees wears safety-approved garments to deliver the food to the site, and its extensive Drop-N-Go menu features an impressive list of items to ensure everyone’s needs are deliciously met.

MEDICAL services

The final step in distancing itself from the competition is Mesquite’s latest innovation. By working with Crew Care clinics, Mesquite is the only company in Texas to offer onsite medical care, giving your employees piece of mind and the finest onsite medical care possible.

The partnership with U.S. Telehealth allows Mesquite to bring physicians to workers in remote areas, regardless of location or medical specialty. It’s a first for the industry, and it means U.S. Telehealth offices will be at each Mesquite location, offering first-class medical care.

It’s also another perfect example why Mesquite has separated itself in providing premier workforce housing solutions to the oil and gas industries.

If you have questions about Crew Care Clinics, you can contact them direct at 361.585.9063.

HOUSING services