About Us

Mesquite Logistics was founded under the principle of “Oil people taking care of oil people,” and with more than 50 years of combined oil experience, Mesquite knows the oil industry and understands the needs of today’s oil companies.

President and General Manager Jeff Mitchell has more than 15 years experience in general and business management in the transportation and distribution industries, co-founding The Joseph Hale Company and Rigco International, a drilling industry equipment provider serving the industry in Texas and South America. The ownership group also has a vast and extensive knowledge in the oil industry, and each has owned companies operating in remote areas where service was limited.

Those five decades of expertise have carried over to Mesquite Logistics, which offers premier “home-away-from-home” hospitality and a memorable workforce housing solution to its customers. Retaining good employees is a critical issue facing the industry, and Mesquite makes that process easier by giving them the comforts of home and a number of first-class amenities, all at a reasonable price.

The comforts of home approach has led Mesquite to offer a number of innovations in the industry to set it apart from the competition. It is the only company in Texas that offers onsite medical care through Crew Care, bringing physicians to workers in remote areas. It’s also the perfect example as to why Mesquite is the premier brand when it comes to providing workforce housing solutions to the oil and gas industries.

But Mesquite’s full-service hospitality extends well beyond that, offering a number of first-class amenities that continues to set it apart. Its premier hospitality includes state-of-the-art theater rooms at each site with nightly shows; a fitness center and a game room both located in their own spacious room to allow workers to keep fit or unwind; and a standout catering service that feature top chefs and offers everything from delicious Drop-N-Go meals delivered right to the worksite to upscale catering events that keep every appetite satisfied.

Mesquite Logistics is oil people taking care of oil people, and we’ll do our best to give you a truly memorable experience.